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Sexual Misconduct

Note: Video services offered through the Idaho RADAR Center are limited to IDAHO RESIDENTS ONLY. The standard lending period is 3 weeks. The only cost associated with borrowing videos is the cost of return postage. Questions? Please call 208-426-2946.

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The Truth About Sex (School Version)

More than half of all teenagers have had sex before they're 18 years old. Therefore, it's not surprising that a teenager contracts a sexually transmitted disease every 10 seconds in America. Over 3,000 teenage girls become pregnant every day. Parents and teenagers are often too uncomfortable or too embarrassed to discuss the risks associated with sex. The Teen Files: The Truth About Sex forces teenagers to face the hard-hitting realities of having sex too young, including unwanted pregnancies and STDs. Viewers are introduced to several sexually active teenagers, many of whom are having unprotected sex. Two teens discuss the struggles of becoming parents at such a young age, while another young couple faces the possibility that they could be pregnant. A group of teenagers tour a microbiology lab, where hundreds of cases of sexually transmitted diseases are diagnosed each year, and participate in a "mock AIDS test". Lisa, a 33-year-old heterosexual woman with full-blown AIDS, shares her story.
High School            30 min.           1999            VHS

High School
Vital Do's and Don'ts, v. 5

A video that discusses preliminary considerations to conducting an investigation into claims of sexual harassment and abuse. This video addresses important issues such as how to set up the interview, handle press coverage, interact with your union, work in conjunction with law enforcement, and handle concerns regarding confidentiality and retaliation. Includes reproducible booklet and outline of the video content.
Teachers, Counselors, Administrators           15-20 min.           1996            V-5035

Teachers, Counselors, Administr
You and Me, v. 2

This sensitive and lively video engages younger students in learning how to respect each other and how to seek help when they need it. You and Me addresses hurtful teasing, bullying and inappropriate sexualized behavior, starting character education as early as possible.
Ages 4 - 6            15 min.           1999           V-5014

Ages 4 - 6
You and Your School, v. 7

You and Your School educates parents, guardians and community members about the issues of violence, bullying and sexual harassment and talks about what they can do at home to help. This school time movie entitled Show and Tell! depicts a dynamic tale of a student as he confronts violence, bullying and inappropriate sexual conduct in his school.
Parents, Guides, and Community            12 min.           1999            V-5019

Parents, Guides, and Community