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A Fork in the Road: The Path to Reducing Underage Drinking in Your Community

If you have struggled with how to comprehend and communicate the enormity of this issue, this tool will help. Using the Institute of Medicine/National Academy of Sciences (IOM/NAS) Report on Underage Drinking as a foundation, you will learn step-by-step how to identify and prioritize underage drinking problems in your community, name the contributing factors and develop a customized plan for action. You will also be able to support your plan with national data and information (included) to utilize in presentations, trainings or advocacy efforts to create local and statewide change. The Complete program consists of: 1) Presentation instructions including how to use and create PowerPoint presentations. 2) Community alcohol assessment tool and planning process. 3) The National Academy of Science (NAS) Summary recommendations on Reducing Underage Drinking at the national, state and local level. 4) PowerPoint slides covering these topics: Current trends on youth and alcohol (speaker notes included); Local action to reduce youth access and underage drinking (speaker notes included); National Academy of Science Summary Recommendations; Examples of Community Success Stories; Slide Templates and specific instructions for creating your own slides
Adult             Over 130 slides            2004               PP-4188

The Alcohol Social Norms Project

Funded through a grant from the NJ Department of Human Services, Division of Addiction Services. Project developed by the NJ Higher Education Consortium on Alcohol and other Drug Prevention and Education.
Adult                 14 min.            2000               V-4175

...And Down Will Come Baby

Over 375,000 newborn babies have been exposed to drugs in utero. The effects on the fetus are outlined in this video, which is narrated by adolescents. A physician provides the devastating consequences that alcohol, tobacco, and drugs can have on a fetus. This tape promotes an awareness of the problem among teenagers who are at risk for both unplanned pregnancy and substance absue. The shocking effects on newborn babies are shown. The film concludes with a reflection from the adolescents on what parenting is all about, how it begins in the womb, and the responsibilities for both the mother and the father.
High School - Adult             17 min.              1996             V-4017

High School - Adult
Controversies in the Diagnosis of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders: Implications for DSM-V_March 21, 2012
A federal committee has been meeting for more than three years in an attempt to define the neurobehavioral profile of children affected by prenatal exposure to alcohol. These efforts have been complicated by the lack of consensus regarding criteria for each of the diagnoses within Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders and inconsistencies in diagnosis in the published literature. This webinar will present the most current thinking around these issues and implications for establishing Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and related disorders as a diagnostic code within the DSM-V.
Adult          49:40 min           2012                  DVD-4230
Dr. Phil/Breaking Teens' Bad Habits

Drinking binges, breaking curfew, co-ed sleepovers... the teenage years can be a parent's worst nightmare and an adolescent's biggest challenge. Dr. Phil and his son Jay discuss ways for parents and teens to survive adolescence and still get along.
High School - Adult             43 min.            2003             V-62

High School - Adult
Dr. Phil/Parenting Follow-Up

Dr. Phil follows up with parents and children to find out if they took his advice.
High School - Adult             43 min.            2003              V-64

High School - Adult
Everyone Pays: Staging a Mock Collision

This video, hosted by William Shatner, details the steps in developing a mock collision: A recreation of an automobile accident featuring real EMT's, police officers and teenage "victims" that is staged for an adolescent audience. Hundreds of young people die in accidents involving alcohol and driving each year. Communities and schools must work toegether to prevent more tragedies like these from occurring. As proven on high school campuses across America, mock collisions can substantially reduce the number of kids who drink and drive.
High School - Adult                17 min.             2001             V-4053

High School - Adult
Know Your Dose

The Know Your Dose campaign is bringing together healthcare professionals, retailers, manufacturers, caregivers, and others to help spread the word on how to appropriately use acetaminophen. From the healthcare professional's office to the pharmacy counter to health clinics, our goal is to help the public recognize and understand how to appropriately take medicines containing acetaminophen.

Air a 30-second educational video in English (or a two-minute animated video in Spanish) in waiting rooms, clinics and health fairs.


Adult   30 seconds   2013   DVD-

Lives Affected: The Victims' Stories

It happens in a flash – first the crash, then the realization that life will never be the same. MADD introduces a powerful new video featuring the aftermath of drunk driving crashes. Lives Affected tells the story of six families destroyed by the impact of one person’s tragic decision to drink and drive.

Junior High - Adult            29 min.             2010        DVD-4055

Junior High - Adult
PARENTS - Silence Condones

Father Martin talks to parents about some of the things their children have to face in the "living of life". Parents are living in the dark! Father Martin believes the answer is the 3 "shuns" - EducaTION, CommunicaTION and Co-operaTION. Silence and ignorance condones their acts.
Adult               19 min.         VHS

Primary Influence: A Film About Why Our Children Drink, And How We Can Stop It

Primary Influence is a film detailing the critical role parents play in influencing their children to avoid the dangers ofunderage drinking. Parents are the first and foremost influence in a child's life. New research indicates that there are many things a parent can and should do to encourage their children to postpone or avoid the use of alcohol. "Primary Influence" will define how significant, tragic and costly this problem truly is. Most importantly, parents will learn why it is critical for young people to postpone alcohol use. In fact, those who being drinking before age 15 are four times more likely to develop a substance abuse problem.
Junior High - Adult           30 min.             2000            V-4093

Junior High - Adult
The Road to Recovery Presents Binge Drinking and Youth: What Everyone Needs to Know

Results from the 2003 National Survey on Drug Use and Health show that 25 percent of Americans aged 17 had reported binge drinking (i.e., five or more drinks on the same occasion). By age 21, the percentage of binge drinkers had increased to 48 percent. College is clearly a catalyst for alcohol use; in fact, young adults aged 18 to 22 who don't attend college drink less than those who do attend. Many binge drinkers in college begin experimenting with alcohol in high school. Students may not want to think about it, but young people can become alcohol dependent and many will die from excessive alcohol consumption. This program will reveal the subcultures and behaviors that support binge drinking while highlighting prevention, early interventions, and treatment options. Aired 4/6/05.
Adult              60 min.             2005           V-4139

Start Talking Before They Start Drinking

Local Underage Drinking Prevention PSA Kit
Adult              2005              CD-4165

Strengthening Families Program by Dr. Karol Kumpfer

Dr. Karol Kumpfer, creator of the Strengthening Families Program, Lutra Group and Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) teamed up to create this new 10-session SFP 8-16 Years Home Use DVD for in-home use. This new universal prevention population version can be an adjunct to the regular SFP 10-16 curriculum or used totally alone by families in their home. The DVD is a 10-part entertaining series of parenting and youth skills for families to watch together in their own homes. It has 10 thirty-minute lessons plus a short introductory lesson on the benefits of the SFP and brain development. The package contains two disks and a Parent Guidebook. Delightful handouts and tracking sheets that go with each lesson can be printed off each DVD disc when it is placed in a computer.

Ages 8-16           318 min.           2011           DVD-2016


Ages 8-16
Teens and Alcohol: Promoting Dialogue on Underage Drinking

In an effort to bring greater public awareness to the issue of underage drinking, George Mason University, in conjunction with Fairfax County (VA) Public Schools, hosted a Town Hall meeting entitled "Teens and Alcohol: Promoting Dialogue on Underage Drinking." The session, moderated by Frank Sesno, George Mason University Professor of Public Policy and Communications and CNN correspondent, engaged high school students; their parents; a panel of students (including those in recovery); a judge; and a doctor in a discussion about the legal consequences and liability concerns, brain health considerations, and overdose and negative consequences associated with underage drinking. Aired 9/27/05.
Adult            87 min.             2005          V-4160

This Place

A 15-minute film that dramatically captures today's youth drinking culture. This film shows the alcohol-saturated environment kids are exposed to and the impact of underage drinking. THIS PLACE offers a glimpse into communities that are taking action to reduce alcohol problems. You can watch this video online at: This Place YouTube.

Adult              15 min.            2005             V-4141