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GHB Drug-Induced Rape

GHB Drug-Induced Rape
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Sexual assault is robbery of the highest degree. Victims lose something very personal that can never be reclaimed - control of the intimacy and privacy of the sex act. Drug-induced rapes leave a memory gap that will never be regained. Veteran detective Trinka D. Porrata talks candidily to viewers about drug-facilitated rape. The video focuses on three main areas - how drug-induced rapes occure; what individuals can do to protect themselves and their friends from such incidents; and what a person should do if it happen to them. Rohypnol and Gamma Hydroxy Butrate (GHB) are two of the most common sedatives used by sexual predators. Both drugs can be dropped into a drink when no one is looking and can incapacitate a person for several hours, allowing a suspect ample time to transport and sexually assault the victim. Detective Porrata discusses the ffects of both substances, focusing on GHB, the more dangerous of the two drugs. If individuals attend fraternity parties, go on blind dates, drink alone or meet people in bars, airports and restaurants, they increase their chances of becoming a victim of drug-induced rape. This program can help viewers reduce their risk through vital education and prevention techniques.
High School - Adult          16 min.            1999              V-4062

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