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Welcome to the Idaho RADAR Center


The Idaho RADAR Center provides free information about alcohol, tobacco and other drugs to Idaho residents only. It includes a Video Lending Library of over 900 titles and functions as a statewide information clearinghouse and resource referral center.

***Office hours are Monday through Friday 8 am to 5 pm. Drop-ins are welcome!***

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    The Ultimate Party Foul

    National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and Ad Council Launch First-Ever Public Service Campaign Targeting Underage Drinking and Driving. Nearly One-Third of Young Drivers Killed in Traffic Crashes Have Alcohol in Their System.

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    Lock Your Meds Idaho

    In 2011, over 20% of Idaho high school students reported taking prescription drugs without a doctors prescription. These youth overwhelmingly reported that they obtained these drugs from family members or friends. Your medicine cabinet, nightstand, purse could be their drug supplier. Be Aware. Don’t Share.

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    Administered by the Institute for the Study of Addiction

    The Center, a Boise State University program, is administered by the Institute for the Study of Addiction in conjunction with the College of Education & the College of Health Sciences.

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    We are located in the Chrisway Annex Building

    The Chrisway Annex, formerly known as the Health and Wellness Center, is located on the corner of University and Chrisway Drive.

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    Prevent Impaired Driving: A CADCA Toolkit

    The Toolkit is designed to guide you through the process of developing a comprehensive plan to address alcohol impaired driving in your community. In the Toolkit, start by reviewing the information about gathering data to assess community conditions.

  • MentalHealthAwarenessMonth
    Mental Health Month

    May is Mental Health Month! This annual observance serves as an ideal time to educate your community and remind them that your organization is a resource for them, their families and their friends.

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    Hepatitis Awareness Month

    May is Hepatitis Awareness Month and a perfect opportunity to join in the fight against viral hepatitis! Federal, state, and local partners are teaming up to host testing events, promote awareness and education, and offer resource and tools to help everyone to get involved and spread the word.


NDEWS: National Drug Early Warning System

word map with summary and overview highlighted lg imageNDEWS monitors emerging drug use trends to enable health experts, researchers, and concerned citizens across the country to respond quickly to potential outbreaks of illicit drugs such as heroin and to identify increased use of designer synthetic compounds.


Use of a dangerous synthetic cathinone drug called alpha-pyrrolidinopentiophenone (alpha-PVP), popularly known as “Flakka,” is surging in Florida and is also being reported in other parts of the country, according to news reports. Alpha-PVP is chemically similar to other synthetic cathinone drugs popularly called “bath salts,” and takes the form of a white or pink, foul-smelling crystal that can be eaten, snorted, injected, or vaporized in an e-cigarette or similar device. The drug has been linked to deaths by suicide as well as heart attack. It can also dangerously raise body temperature and lead to kidney damage or kidney failure.

DEA Issues Alert on Fentanyl-Laced Heroinfet

The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) has issued a nationwide alert in response to a surge in overdose deaths from heroin laced with the narcotic drug fentanyl, the most potent opioid available for medical use. “Drug incidents and overdoses related to fentanyl are occurring at an alarming rate throughout the United States and represent a significant threat to public health and safety.”

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Emerging Trend: Caffeine Powder

powderThe FDA is warning about powdered pure caffeine being marketed directly to consumers, and recommends avoiding these products.  In particular, FDA is concerned about powdered pure caffeine sold in bulk bags over the internet. Follow these links from the NIH and FDA to learn more about the dangers of caffeine powder.

“Talk. They Hear You” Online Simulation


New online simulation gives parents an opportunity to practice having the talk about alcohol with kids. TRY IT!


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