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Impaired Driving

Impaired Driving can refer to operating a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or both.

Alcohol.Org is an American Addiction Centers resource. This resource includes strategies for selecting a designated driver and statistics on why this is such an important step in planning a night out. also provides fact based, statistical evidence on the physical and financial consequences of choosing to drink and drive.

Alcohol Problems and Solutions

Alcohol Problems and Solutions has been debunking myths and sharing effective peer-reviewed ways to reduce drinking problems and live healthier, for 20 years. Alcohol Problems and Solutions provides strategies for and facts about drinking and driving and the benefits of having a predetermined designated driver.

Drager: 3 Easy Solutions to Stop Drinking and Driving

Fortunately, there are solutions to stop drunk driving that will prevent you from getting behind the wheel while intoxicated. This blog post provides alternative solutions for drunk driving that won’t have your fun night out ending in an accident or jail time.

Foundations for Advancing Alcohol Responsibility 

The Foundation for Advanced Alcohol Responsibility is committed to helping parents and educators raise smart decision-makers, provide the tools to end drunk driving, and help yourself and those around you make a lifetime of responsible alcohol choices.

It Can Wait

Click this link to take a pledge to never drive distracted again. Brought to you by AT&T.


MADD_Taglinelogo2Founded by a mother whose daughter was killed by a drunk driver, Mothers Against Drunk Driving® (MADD) is the nation’s largest nonprofit working to protect families from drunk driving, drugged driving and underage drinking. MADD also supports drunk and drugged driving victims and survivors at no charge through local MADD victim advocates and our 24-Hour Victim Helpline 1-877-MADD-HELP.

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration 

NHTSA’s research offices are the Office of Vehicle Safety Research and the Office of Behavioral Safety Research. The Office of Vehicle Safety Research’s mission is to strategize, plan, and implement research programs to continually further the Agency’s goals in reduction of crashes, fatalities, and injuries. Our research is prioritized based on potential for crash/fatality/injury reductions and is aligned with Congressional Mandates, DOT & NHTSA goals. The Office of Behavioral Safety Research studies behaviors and attitudes in highway safety, focusing on drivers, passengers, pedestrians, and motorcyclists and use that to develop and refine countermeasures to deter unsafe behaviors and promote safe alternatives.

Prevent Impaired Driving: A CADCA Toolkit

pid logoThe Toolkit is designed to guide you through the process of developing a comprehensive plan to address alcohol impaired driving in your community. The Strategic Prevention Framework (SPF) process begins with conducting a community assessment to collect data that clearly identifies and defines the impaired driving problem as well as the root causes and specific local conditions that underline the problem. In the Toolkit, start by reviewing the information about gathering data to assess community conditions.

Quit Alcohol 

Since quitting alcohol is never as simple as it sounds, you may have tried and failed in the past. By taking the right steps this time around, you can achieve greater success while reaching all of your goals. Let help you take the right steps.

Resources for Drunk Driving Prevention

This is a list of credible, user-friendly resources that provides information about the risks of drunk driving and how to prevent it. These resources include information about BAC calculators, intervening before friends drink and drive, impaired driving laws across the country, and more.

We Save Lives

We Save Lives logoLed by MADD founder Candace Lightner, We Save Lives (WSL) is an international coalition of partners dedicated to saving lives by combating crashes and crimes from The 3 D’s: Drunk, Drugged, and Distracted driving. We Save Lives serves as a leading representative voice on highway safety issues, combining legislative efforts with grassroots organizing at the national, state, and local levels.