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Trauma refers to a deeply distressing or disturbing experience.i

Community Resilience Initiative 

Our community-building framework and 21 years’ experience in capacity building is the essence of what created the platform for Paper Tigers. From its beginning, CRI focused on creating a community conversant in ACEs and Resilience, aiming to embed these principles into action through its multiple partners, agencies, and organizations.

National Center on Substance Abuse and Child Welfare- Trauma Resources

ncsacw-logoPsychological trauma is an emotional response that commonly occurs after distressing or life-threatening events like child abuse, neglect, or living with a caregiver diagnosed with a substance use disorder (SUD) or mental illness. Click here for trauma resources!

The National Child Traumatic Stress Network

nctsn2The National Child Traumatic Stress Network was established to improve access to care, treatment, and services for traumatized children and adolescents exposed to traumatic events. This section of provides information about the Network itself.